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Pietopia™ is a yearly contest that asks: what does your life taste like, in a pie?

Pietopia™ seeks to know: what does it taste like to be unemployed, starting a new job, just married, divorced, a new homeowner or desperately searching for housing? What kind of pie would describe the way you are feeling right now? Could you imagine your thoughts, concerns or joys transformed into the All-American Pie? This is a yearly call to entry that has been put out for the past three years to find out what the flavor of peoples lives are through a pie.

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Taste, touch, smell, words, sight and art all linked with feeling…

The idea of Pietopia™ manifested from my deep love and interest in community, connection, communication, design, and the senses. Everybody eats, so I began to think about how this fundamental idea could be translated as a way for people to communicate and connect through and Pietopia was the brainchild. Read more…

The Pietopia™ 2011 poster (amazing!) Illustration is by the talented Michelle Kondrich, poster design by Tricia Martin.